Epidemiologist II

Full Time Austin, Texas Metropolitan Area Texas Health and Human Services

Job Summary

Texas Health and Human Services is seeking candidates for a position of Epidemiologist II on Full Time basis located at Austin, Texas Metropolitan Area. Do not forget to review the job posting carefully before apply online.

Job Title: Epidemiologist II
Company Name: Texas Health and Human Services
Job Location: Austin, Texas Metropolitan Area
Job Type: Full Time
Job Category: Government Administration
Job Link Expiry: 2023-04-15
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About the job

Job Description

Under the direction of the Epidemiology and Supplemental Projects (ESP) Group Manager and the advisement of the Texas Medical Monitoring Project (MMP) Project Coordinator (PC), conducts data management and analysis activities related to the MMP. Performs data management tasks, including tracking progress towards various internal and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) data collection benchmarks as well as individual data collector goals. Monitors referrals for services and linkage-to-care activities for reporting purposes. Conducts quality assurance checks to resolve discrepancies in data reported by CDC and at the local level. Maintains and troubleshoots issues with the MMP Tracking Module. As needed, provides feedback from a data management standpoint on new tools and systems developed locally or implemented by the CDC. Conducts the sample draw for Texas MMP and assigns to staff annually. Oversees and/or produces internal progress reports for DSHS management and external reports for the MMP CDC Project Officer. Submits data to CDC on a monthly basis. Programs in Statistical Analysis Software (SAS) and performs statistical analyses. Interprets analyses results and writes articles, reports and sections of grant proposals and as required by CDC. Oversees and contributes to epidemiologic and research reports for the TB/HIV/STD Section and DSHS staff, the public and medical communities. As needed, performs data collection for MMP. Performs other duties as assigned including participation in the State Medical Operations Center (SMOC). Work is performed with extensive latitude for independent judgment and little need for instruction, and requires initiative, creativity and thoroughness.

Essential Job Functions

50% to 75% Data management tasks. Tasks may comprise of up to 75% of time, depending on time of year and project deadlines. 1) Identifies who in the original sample is truly out of care by comparing CDC out-of-care list to eHARS data. Identifies patients that may be uninformed of their status. Organizes sample under different categories to assign to data collectors 2) Tracks key details and components of interviews, medical record abstractions, linkage to care, referrals, and progress on recruitment of out-of-care cases and produces reports on these details and components. 3) Updates and maintains the care/abstraction facility spreadsheet which includes identifying new medical facilities, removing facilities that have closed and merging facilities who share medical records across various locations in Texas excluding Harris County. 4) Conducts monthly quality assurance checks on interview files as well as cross checking and resolving discrepancies between the interview and medical record abstraction identified locally, by the CDC and Data Coordinating Center (DCC) staff. All discrepancies must be resolved by the end of each data collection cycle (a.k.a. data closeout). 5) Provides technical assistance to Texas MMP staff on the Questionnaire Development Software (QDS) as needed. 6) Maintains and troubleshoots issues with the MMP Tracking Module. 7) Provides feedback to CDC on new data collection tools and systems used to track data collection progress and conduct data collection activities prior to and/or after being developed by the CDC. 8) Uses SAS to annually run sample draw program provided by CDC. 9) Assigns sample to Medical Monitoring Project (MMP) staff based on different sample characteristics including the last facility of care’s prior involvement with the project, geography, and care status. 10) Sets and tracks proportional internal benchmarks for Texas MMP Team and individually for each data collector. 11) Oversees and/or produces internal progress reports and external reports for the MMP CDC Project Officer. 12) Encrypts and transmits data to CDC monthly. 13) Provides support to other MMP sites by reviewing out-of-jurisdiction cases.

25% to 35% Data Analysis tasks. 1) Works with HIV Surveillance to import MMP data into eHARS. 2) Conducts match with internal data sources to obtain locating information for MMP sampled persons. 3) Leads and conducts Texas MMP data analysis project. Provides guidance on Texas MMP data analysis products. 4) Handles most internal/external MMP data requests. Submits abstracts to scientific conferences with a public health or infectious disease focus. Prepares presentations for the annual Texas-Houston MMP Joint Meeting, the MMP-NHBS Dallas Data Summit and the bi-annual Texas HIV-STD Conference. Prepares reports for internal/external stakeholders. Prepares and reviews manuscripts for submission to HIV-related peer-reviewed public health journals on behalf of Texas and Houston MMP. Collaborates with Houston MMP for joint analysis regularly and with other MMP sites as needed. Will regularly provide data for the Texas state’s Ending the Epidemic (EtE) measures. 5) Tracks and adapts analysis to the question/variable changes in the CDC and local interview questionnaires over the years. 6) Tracks the structural changes in the medical record abstraction datasets, as well as tracking changes in the time periods/variables that the medical record abstraction covers, to adapt analysis appropriately. 7) Uses additional software (i.e. SAS-callable SUDAAN) for calculating prevalence ratios. 8) Provides guidance on the content of the local questionnaire by analyzing response patterns over the years. Creates SAS dataset for local questionnaire using QDS Warehouse Manager. Analyzes Texas MMP local questions and coordinates content of local questions with Houston MMP for possible joint analysis. 9) Provides guidance and/or mentorship to any staff within the Epidemiology and Special Projects (ESP) Group who works with MMP data.

10% to 15% Supports and assists the MMP Project Coordinator with Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), grant applications and closeout tasks and annual performance reports (APRs). Assist PC with onboarding new staff and help provide access to databases.

5% to 15% Performs other duties as assigned and data collection as needed.

Knowledge Skills Abilities

Knowledge of major functions of public health.

Knowledge of statistical concepts, research methods, and their applications to public health surveillance and research.

Knowledge of sampling, survey methods and weighting.

Knowledge of the health status, socioeconomic and demographic measures used in public health.

Knowledge of population, socioeconomic and health outcomes data sources.

Knowledge of Statistical Analysis Software (SAS) or related statical programming software.

Knowledge of Human Subjects Protections and issues of confidentiality.

Skill in using Microsoft Office products especially Excel, and PowerPoint.

Skill in using Internet publishing/graphics presentation software.

Skill in using statistical software, especially SAS, and in writing syntax to perform analyses.

Skill in both verbal and written communications (in-person and over the phone).

Skill in graphical presentation of data including charts, tables, and maps.

Skill in working with sensitive personal health information (PHI).

Ability to manage and query complex databases.

Ability to use population data for public health planning and evaluation.

Ability to conduct research projects. Ability to organize and prioritize work and meet deadlines. Ability to exercise independent judgment and show initiative.

Ability to communicate effectively with data users and coworkers.

Ability to maintain effective working relationships.

Initial Selection Criteria

Registration or Licensure Requirements:

  • Graduation from a four-year college with coursework in statistics, epidemiology, social science or related subjects. Advanced degree preferred.
  • Two years of full-time experience in public health, disease epidemiology, or program evaluation. 3. Data analysis and data management experience. 4. Experience with statistical programming software. 5. Experience in using Statistical Analysis Software (SAS) preferred.

Additional Information

Other duties as assigned include but are not limited to actively participating and/or serving in a supporting role to meet the agency’s obligations for disaster response and/or recovery or Continuity of Operations (COOP) activation. Such participation may require an alternate shift pattern assignment and/or location.

In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), HHS agencies will provide reasonable accommodation during the hiring and selection process for qualified individuals with a disability. If you need assistance completing the on-line application, contact the AccessHR service center at 1-888-894-4747. If you are contacted for an interview and need accommodation to participate in the interview process, please notify the person scheduling the interview. Must be authorized to work in the United States without sponsorship

MOS Code

Note: Military occupation(s) that relate to the initial selection criteria and registration or licensure requirements for this position may include, but not limited to: 68S, 60C, HM, 230X, 4E0X1, 43HX, 43MX, 43EX. All active duty military, reservists, guardsmen, and veterans are encouraged to apply if qualified to fill this position. For more information see the Texas State Auditor’s Military Crosswalk at http://www.hr.sao.state.tx.us/Compensation/JobDescriptions.aspx.

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